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Come On Bruises!

Some things you don’t know you missed until you get it back.

I’m starting to feel the ache today from a workout yesterday.  I “workout” every day.  I ride my bike trainer and/or actual bike riding if at all possible.  I practice my TKD forms.  I work with hand weights.  I do some stretching (off and on but currently on).  I teach TKD on Saturdays and am pretty active within that class.  But no one in that class is taller than 4 feet.  Most weigh less than a hundred pounds, okay, all of them do.  I haven’t worked out with adults for quite some time.  And I was fine with that.  I was still “doing” TKD.   In my head anyway.

Yesterday I worked out with adults in a newly forming class.

Today my thighs are starting to ache (though this may be from the duck walking race in the kids class).   My abs are sore.  My arms are sore, and I know that is from practicing blocks with my 6′ 6″ partner.  Maybe he wasn’t that tall.   But he was well over 6 feet.  And well over 100 lbs.  I was amazed how quickly the clock sped through that class.  Amazed more at the end of it that I had enjoyed it so much.  But that wasn’t a new feeling.  I’ve had that feeling before.  In most every TKD class I’ve attended or led.  No matter the mood I was in when I went to class, by the end of class I was always and definitely feeling better.  Which means if I started out in a good mood I was euphoric by the time class was over.   It just felt good.

And apparently I had forgotten that feeling.

That class led right in to my class for the little folks.  And again, something you don’t necessarily think about missing.  Four little people received certificates and belts, having passed their tests from the week before.  For three of them it was the first time they tested, and advanced.  Exciting for them.  And for me as an instructor.  Then there was ice cream to celebrate with them and their familes.

And one more thing….. I use to get very upset if I left a TKD class and didn’t get a bruise.  If there was contact sparring or practice blocking and I didn’t have a bruise, what was the point?  Today at 7:16 a.m. I have checked my arms three times for bruises.  None.  No, it does not mean I was not making contact with those blocks yesterday.   It means I am just that tough and awesome (or so I tell myself).

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