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Cheesecake Then And Now

Six years ago today it was raining in Tennessee.  We were staying in a little bitty cabin on the side of a mountain.  David forgot his tie when we left the cabin.  We drove through some torrential rains but passed a wedding boutique who graciously “rented” us a tie.  We got to the little chapel and the rains were still coming down.  By the time we stepped out of the car the sun was shining.  And the wetness was drying.  Our photographer was Asian American with a Tennessee accent.  The minister looked like David’s oldest sister’s husband.  In a few more years I will be convinced it was him who married us.  We returned to our cabin with everyone so we could have “wedding” cheesecake and open gifts.  Then we went to a huge Damon’s for our “reception”.   Then Gatlinburg played host to us and our wedding guests as we meandered through all of the tourist traps, I mean attractions.

Since then our lives have grown and changed.  I can’t believe all that we have done and all of the places we have been.  And all of the places we have yet to go.   Our children are growing.  They make think they are grown.  But we all know they are going to grow forever.  We’ve been blessed with their health.  We’ve been blessed by the Queen and her soon to be Co-Queen.

We don’t make a big “deal” out of our anniversary.  But it’s always important to us to remember it.  Relive it.  Share that memory with the   today of our married life.  And we did.  We started the day with TKD, then Tim Horton’s, then a phenomenal bike ride, then ice cream, then pizza.  And then, as a toast to our wedding day (though I don’t think David remembers until he reads this) cheesecake.

There is so much that has changed in six years.  And so much that has stayed the same.  Six years ago I would never have considered leaving my home.  Now I am strongly considering it and pseudo-planning it.   We loved Ireland then, love it more now.  Then, I would never have drunk coffee, ever!  Now I love it in a cup, in ice cream, even in candy.  Biking was a means to get healthy.  Biking has broken me in more than one way.  But we still bike for health, and for fun.   My hair is still cut the same way.  We stayed in a little bitty cabin then, we have a little bitty cabin now. The things that were difficult then are a little easier to bare now.  The things that were good then are better now.

We had great plans then.  We’ve only lived some of them now.  We’ve changed some of our plans.  And kept some of our dreams.

It was a good day.

Thank you David for six great years since we toasted our wedding with cheesecake.

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