A House Is (not) Just A House

Looking at houses while I sit at my house.     I just told David that where ever we may go we have to recreate this house, there.  I just like it too much.   But I greatly enjoy living as well.  And driving 1.5 to 2 hours a day to work and back sure takes a lot of living time off the clock.  So I look.   And contemplate.   And I wonder how in the world people ever looked for houses to buy before the internet?   Maybe our world wasn’t quite as big just those few short  years ago.  The options we are finding on the internet are pretty varied.  Though I have no intention of purchasing a massive abode they keep popping up on my searches.  For fun I check them out.  And quickly check them off.  There would be no fun in keeping something that big, clean.    And on the other end of that spectrum are the itty bitty houses.  Where you can open the fridge from the living room, or the bedroom, or the bathroom.    There is such a thing as too small.

I’m sitting here on my deck writing this.  Looking out over the ‘view’.  And in the view is a split rail fence.  And trees.  And stones from the original home and barn from this property (the stones are going with me).  It just occurred to me that one of the homes we found today had a split rail fence in it’s yard.   And a screened in porch with a ceiling fan.  David just said four days ago he wished the roof over our deck was high enough for a fan.  And the screened in porch?  Perfect for the bikes and trainers.

If nothing else I have progressed to the point of seeing possibilities in other houses.   Maybe there is another home out there for me.