Postage Paid

Dear Ireland,

Well it has been too long since we last got together.  I’m glad we will remedy that soon.  I am looking forward to our visit.  Please don’t go to any extra trouble for my stay.   I will be so happy to be with you “as you are”.  I don’t expect you to stop what you are doing, or make any special arrangements for me.  I want to see the real you.  Don’t be fixing anything up.  I like the old you, just the way you are.

Don’t make any special foods for me.  Brown bread and stew will be my main staples.  Scones for breakfast with some marmalade.  And I’m set to go.  Really, just go about your regular old life.   I’ll fit right in.

I should let you know that I hope to do a few things while visiting.  I hope this won’t inconvenience you.   I’ll just hop on the bike and ride around for awhile.  I won’t need anything special.  Keep those mountains right where they are.  They won’t bother me any.

We really should do something about living closer.  I know it would be difficult for you to just pick up and move.  I consider it often and I know coming back to see you will just set me on fire to move closer to you.  And you know how much fun we have when we are together.  It just feels like we belong together, you know?  Well now I went and almost got mushy on you!  But I think you know what I mean.  We just seem to have so much to do and share together when I’m there with you.  And risking getting too mushy, it does just feel right.

Well I won’t keep you.  I’ll be taking up enough of your time very shortly.  I’m counting the days until I see you again.  I know you’re waiting for my return.  And I appreciate your being so generous each time you welcome me home.  I’ll be there soon.



One thought on “Postage Paid

  1. I didn’t get to read this last night because of finals but I think that was the most beautiful love letter Ireland will ever receive. 🙂


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