I Wear One

Little yellow bracelets.  You’ve all seen them.  I love them.  I love the simplicity of them.   I love the thought and passion behind them.  One man has a passion to knock cancer on it’s ass.  And one simple idea raises millions of dollars.  Beautiful.

The next best thing is that many people want to cure something, or fix something, support something, or remember something.  So bracelets of all kinds of colors are being mass produced.  So people can show their support for the cure.  A cure.  A fix.  A memory.

I once read that Lance Armstrong was asked if he was upset about other people using the bracelet idea.  What I remember reading is that no, people want to find cures for all kinds of things.  And if the bracelet raises money for them, go for it.   We should all have that attitude about our ideas.  The good ideas anyway.

I remember the first time I actually saw someone wearing the yellow bracelet.  We were in Xenia for a little biking vacation.  We were sitting in a sports bar next to a large window.  A man walked by.   There it was!!!  On his wrist.  I was so excited!  I’m not even sure why.  I think because it is a symbol of possibility.  A symbol of energy.  And mostly, a symbol of hope.  I couldn’t wait to get mine.  And I did.  I’ve gone through a few.  In the event I ever have to go without one I have it tattooed on me.  I believe not only in the symbolism of it.  I believe in the message of it:   LIVESTRONG.


There is no other way to live.