Work Is Good Vacation Is Better

I’m getting ready for work.  And this is what I do/am doing:   riding my bike.  I’ll pack my snacks/lunch.  Have my toast and coffee.  Drive “in” to work.    I’ll walk up the 3 flights because walking up the steps is better for me than taking the elevator.  I’ll turn on my computer, key in the password.  I’ll check messages.  Make my ‘to do list’ for the day.  Meet with my team to go over cases.  Discussions and or plans made for someone who needs help.  Carry out these plans for the day.

You would think I would not have to write this down.

But after today I won’t do these things for over 3 weeks.  When I return I will need a refresher on what to do.

Because today  I will  walk down 3 flights of stairs and walk out to my car to drive home, and by the time I start the engine I will have totally packed away and forgotten “work mode”.   And enter…… vacation mode.

It’s one of the perks of working.  I believe in work perks.   Paycheck of course is one.  The  feeling of doing a good job is another.   Accomplishing goals is a good one, especially if it is helping someone in need.  Getting up on a routine basis and putting in time to help this world, might sound cheesy, but when you’re part of a job like that, it is a perk.  But vacation….it is one of the best perks.

I do realize that without work there is no vacation.  So, thank you work.

So when I return in three weeks and get up on that first Monday back to work I can pull up this blog to remind me what to do.  I’ll have to pack away my vacation to do list of eating scones, riding bikes in the mountains and towns of Ireland,  breathing in the fresh island air from the ocean, eating Nutella, climbing over ruins and checking out Queen’s castles.

But for right now I am entering work mode.  But carrying a a vacation buzz.