Dear America

Dear America,

I will miss you.  I’m leaving for a very short time.  But didn’t want you to feel it has anything to do with you.  Heaven’s no!  Quite the contrary!   It’s because of you that I can leave and go check out some other things in this big old world.  It’s you I have to thank for the freedom to come and go.  And the opportunity to work hard and earn it for that matter.  And that’s what we’re doing.   Going someplace else to appreciate all that they have.  Even though USA is the greatest, there are still things of interest and beauty to be seen every where.   Thanks for understanding that traveling and appreciating other places is just a curiosity thing.    You’re the best!   But I think you are so understanding because you are so confident in who you are and what you are.   Despite any conflicts, you offer us the best and most freedoms of anywhere in the world.  I know, I know, it’s sometimes difficult to get your large and diverse family to get along.  But the most important thing is that family.   They keep struggling to try and make things better.   Some have ideas better than others…..  Some efforts are appreciated, some aren’t, huh?   Hahahaha, I know.

Just to let you know, we’re going to Ireland.  I know you’ll understand.  Sure but aren’t there millions of the Irish all over the USA?  They (we) sure did become part of the backbone of America didn’t they (we).   So we feel a good connection to them.   They’re like us.   In some ways they are us.   They sure fought the fight when we were in the battle.   And I know plenty of the USA supported and fought the fight for Ireland.   We may not be connected by land.  But we are definitely connected by blood.  So we’re going to go appreciate the place that sacrificed so many of their own to us.  Not to mention the millions of the Irish who fought, and work(ed) for the same things they believe in there.  We probably carry a lot of their traits.  Since so many of us carry the same blood.  It’s like my own brothers and sisters, we are in different places doing different things, but the same DNA made us and powers us on.  I’ll say hi to Ireland for you.  Just so you know, they always ask about you when we’re there.  And they always send their love.

No matter what our plans are, and where are travels take us, we’re always coming home.  I know you’ll take care of everything while we’re gone.  You always do.  That’s one of the great things about you, you’re dependable.   Strong.  But loving as can be!  Please take care of your self, and my kids, they’ll be staying with you you know.  Keep an eye on them until I get back, please.  Thanks.

Just wanted to say ‘hey’ before we left.  Let you know we’ll be thinking of you.  Oh!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I know it’s early but we won’t be back until a few days after your birthday!  Sorry we’ll miss the celebration.  But we’ll celebrate with our flag and USA shirts and family that stayed behind in Ireland as their family came to the USA, and became us.  See, connections.

I never really know how to end a letter so I’ll just say what I think.  I love you.  I miss you already and I haven’t even left.  I will see you in a few weeks.  And again, thanks for being who you are.   And letting me be who I am.