Trip Start

New  York is not Columbus.

Columbus airport had smiling people telling me to have a good day.  It was much quieter.  But still exciting.

New York is nothing but exciting.  People tell me to have a good day but they don’t look me in the eye to tell me.  They’re too busy, too hurried.

I’ve seen a lot in the 2 mile walk from disembarking from the first flight to the gate of the second flight.  I am not sure how many nationalities.  Because quite honest I can’t tell just from looking at people.  Which is kind of nice.  I mean, we’re just people.  I’ve heard at least ten languages that I do not recognize.  Some I recognize but heavily accented.   There have been scowling faces.  Happy faces.  Anxious faces.  Indifferent faces.  Get the hell out of my way faces.   What are you doing in my world faces.  Welcome ! to my world faces.  Scared faces.  I could go on.  I think you get the point.

We found where to go for our next flight but have four hours so we wondered around, trying to decide on what to get.  David wanted Sbarro.  Okay.  Surely I can find something so we get  in line.  Bless the powers that be in New York, calories are listed for every posted menu item!!!  No, I can not get something at Sbarro’s.   Wait a minute!  Damnit I am on vacation!  Okay then.  I will have a New York style cheese pizza!  That’s right.   No it’s not.  They sold the last piece of cheese pizza to the lady in front of me.   Unbelievable.  Right next to Sbarro’s is a healthy food place.  So I get carrots, celery and hummus.  Yes, I did.

In Columbus, bless their hearts, they have free wi-fi.   In New York?  No.   Well, one place said it did.  But it didn’t.   So if you are reading this, we posted it from Ireland.  I would be expressive about this.  But while I am writing it we are sitting in a corner at Gate 9 waiting area.   There is a girl who flew here from Oregon, she is going to Ireland.  She’s been here all day apparently.  She looks tired.  There are gnats here.

We saw a big Delta plane with the Pink Ribbon for breast cancer.  That was nice.

It would be nice if we could watch the planes fly in and out.  We can’t.

I am trying not to get sleepy yet.  I’ll take some Tylenol PM before flying so when I wake up I’ll be there.  As of right now we are not sitting together  on the plane, but we both have window seats.   You know the commercial where a man is asleep on a woman’s shoulder in a plane or train and she pops one of those breath strips in his mouth.  You know he is a stranger.  I don’t know if I want a strangers head on my shoulder.   I don’t think I could knock ‘em off of my shouler.  That would be rude.  Not as rude as them sleeping on my shoulder to begin with.   But David is hoping to get seats next to each other because the Delta folks said you can check seats.  But there is no one at the Delta counter to ask about this.

I just noticed something.  There are what appear to be a few pairs of sisters.  They’re going to Ireland as well.  And it seems that sisters do this together.  I assume they are sisters.  The pairs I have seen sure look alike.   I think the Oregon girl is with her dad.   There also appear to be a lot of older people flying.  I havne’t yet heard any Irish accents to see if someone is going home.

I’ve had 2 Starbucks Lite Mocha Frappucino’s so far.

This, is my New York experience so far.

We have 2 more hours before we board.  This could be  a long blog.  Sorry that I may inflict my boredom on you.  It could happen.  I am sure none of you have been bored to this point.

Now there is a group of students sitting next to us.  They are from James Madison University, Virginia.  They are going to Ireland for school, for 6 weeks.  Be jealous.  I am.   They are even taking classes there.  Again, jealous.   But they will be restricted by ‘group activities’.  So there, I win.   Yeah, just in my head.  Very pleasant young people.  I hope they have a wonderful time.  They are going to the Aran Islands.  I told them to look me up.   Ha ha.