Cliffs, Circles and Pagans

Another busy day in Ireland.  No bike ride.  It looked like rain.  It looked like lots of rain.  Turned out nary a drop fell on us anywhere we went.

Wouldn’t have cared if it did.

It is Ireland.

For all of you non believers regarding the story of the woman in the house, and the man who answered her…. This morning we all sat in the kitchen.  UT had his back to the kitchen sink.  David and I were at the table and AC was on the other side of the fireplace from UT.  Suddenly and unexpectedly something fell in to the sink.  UT’s eyes grew to an unbeforeseen diameter.  AC looked at me and we both looked at UT.  David was looking at us.  I went to the sink and the dishwashing liquid, known as “washing up liquid” had fallen in to the sink.  There was NO denying this was unexplained.  No one even bothered to argue with me and AC.  Either the woman of the house was tired of us being in her way and she couldn’t get her house work done.  Or the man of the house was tired of our intruding and wanted us to get out.  Or, my suspicion, they just want to get to know us.   Remember the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze?  Whoopi Goldberg?  Demi Moore?   When he moved the penny to prove he was there?  That’s right.  The washing up liquid was our penny.  And it moved.    Great  way to start the day!

Today we went to a magnificent place.  I didn’t know it existed until UT and David were talking about it.  We all headed in that direction.   But drove separately.    We made our way to the road that my book told us would be difficult for the ‘faint of heart’.  But the road did not prove too bad.  I think the book was written before a new road was put in.  At the last parking lot, 1 ½  miles at the bottom of our destination was a gate.  You either parked.  Or got out and opened the gate and then shut it so the sheep did not get out.  Then you drove or walked to the top.  Since we did not bike today we walked.  UP.

Far far UP.  It was a great walk.  And we were rewarded handsomely.

This was part of the walk as it looked behind us.

Mine !  All mine!!!

The picture does not give you the color,  the surprisingly very soft breeze, the height, the incredible beauty.

Just look.

And look.

He’s about 3 feet from the edge of 1900 feet up.  Maybe 1750 feet up.

I am fearless.  (No I’m not, but I am up on the mountain. )

King of his mountain.

This was Slieve League.  The highest cliff face of Europe.

Not my favorite cliffs.  Those would be Dun Aeongus on Inishmore/Inis Moir (or numerous other spellings).  Regardless of how you spell it, it is breath taking.  Literally, if you stand facing the wind it can capture your breath and steal it away.  If the view doesn’t do it first.  But, that is later on in the trip.  But Slieve League is likely someone else’s favorite.   It deserves to be, it is that stunning.

And when we were walking down the mountain, here comes UT and AC.

Can you see the car?  See you at home AC/UT!

What a great walk.  The effort did not seem worthy of the pay off.

Then, having eaten a late dinner, we decided to walk the little town we have frequented.  That not being enough excitement (among the other things we did) David suggested going to the Drumskinny Stone Circle that we had visited on our bike ride.  So we did.  At night.  It wasn’t as dark as what the pictures show , but it was night time, in a possibly (probably) pagan setting.  It was after  10 pm, near a full moon, cloudy night.

That not being enough.  David suggested another stone circle we had not been to yet.  We found what we thought was it, which was pretty good considering the time of night.  And the probability of finding it period.  We looked across the road and there was a cemetery.  We couldn’t walk through the field to the stone circle so we went graveyard walking in the dark.

Considering the age of the monuments spread across Ireland, this marker is a baby, still in utero .  Regardless, it was near 11 p.m. in Northern Ireland, without any real clue as to where we were.  And we were walking the graveyards.  I think we are taking full advantage of our moments in Ireland.  Everyone else was in bed, or a pub.

No bike ride.  No rain.  No complaints.

Oh, and I need to find the name of the woman of the house.