This One Might Be Boring For You

But a day in Ireland is exhilarating to me regardless of what I am doing.  It is better lived here than sent to you in words.

If I stopped buying stuff for everyone else I would have a ton of money to spend on me.  Makes sense don’t you think?  Though it seems quite selfish.  But it is my vacation.  And not only am I spending money on many others, I am carrying it on my back as I walk the width, the depth and the length of every town we go to.  Today, I carried it on my back on a bike ride.  I am that kind of friend, sister, mother.

And I just love buying stuff in Ireland.

I hate shopping in America, because of the time it takes.

But in Ireland it is part of the experience.

Today we went to a factory and met the only man who makes something that goes world wide.  When I say factory, I don’t mean an assembly line kind of place.  I mean a room, a large room, full of the materials needed.  Shelves full of the product.  A woman in the office.  A few others roaming about.  And a man making a quality product.   I can’t tell you what it is because there is one or two of you getting that gift.  Again, it’s the kind of great friend I am.

Another bike ride.  In Ireland.

Enough said.

Oh, well, we did stop for a scone break on the road.

Now enough said.

We’re now heading back to the house to eat some Tickey Moo ice cream.  I really feel sorry for you guys who can’t try it.  Sorry.

Oh wait, back to the bike ride.  Trash on the road.  Other than there is rarely any trash seen on the roads the surprising part was it was TIM HORTON’S coffee cups!!!!!   Which means someone either carried the cups here from America or Canada.  OR….there is a Tim Horton’s very close to where we are.

Oh and on the bike ride we rode to a castle.  It was huge.  I was not impressed.  It did not appear to have any character or oldness to it.  There was a helicopter “parked” outside.   I turned around and went back to the wall that was left from some building many hundreds of years old.  I liked it better.

Just so my faithful readers (both of you) don’t think I am spending my Ireland days writing.  I am not sleeping much at night so when it is midnight I am writing.

I love that I am writing in Ireland.

I’m in good company.

I think we’ll go stroll about the town.  Pretend to be a local.

2 thoughts on “This One Might Be Boring For You

  1. Okay, you can tell me what they make in the factory since I’m not the one getting whatever it is, cause I just KNOW you’re bringing me ice cream from Tickety Moo and a cow (or two).


  2. I LOVE CASTLES! Too bad this one wasn’t the old, moldy castle that has a ton of character. I’m jealous! Have you ever been to the Donegal Castle? I based a story I wrote after it. I want to see it. You need to see it and tell me if it’s good 🙂


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