Tickety Moo For Every One!

When I come to Ireland I want to learn more, see more, do more, and be more a part of it.  The last couple of blogs were pretty somber.  I don’t come here to avoid those things.  I come here to absorb them.   Ireland is all that it was and holds on to its history well.  You can see it, touch it, stand in the middle of it.  You can be where history played out and listen for the past sounds of it.   In the famine grave yard I couldn’t help but think of the people who died for lack of food, who’s bodies likely nourished this ground to grow the grass, the bush, the tree.   I know, cycle of life.   But it’s not the right cycle.

But Ireland is also about growth, life, and passion.   And I see that every day as well.

In some ways I feel behind the advanced ecological awareness of this little country.  They appear to work very hard at being a clean and energy aware country.   I think they do a good job.  Better than we are.  I like  driving down the streets of different towns and seeing all of the children in every school we pass wearing uniforms.  I like that.

Then of course there is the ‘old’ Ireland that is endearing and beautiful.   And I have and will write more about that.  But there is nothing else like it in the world.  And it’s a good thing.

Then there is Tickety Moo.  Say that out loud.  TICKETY MOO.   Somehow or another David heard about this dairy farm that makes their own ice cream.  So the four of us, David, AC, UT and myself headed out to find it.  We went the long way around to find it, but find it we did.  After tormenting David about this ice cream’s worth.

It was worth the drive to find Tickety Moo.   It is family owned.  According to the man who served us the ice cream, from the ice cream shop right there on the farm, there are 3 of them working the entire farm.  Him, and 2 of the family who own it.  They milk the 300 cows, make the ice cream, package it and ship it out.  It’s not in America.  So you may be jealous right now that we discovered it, and ate it, before you did.  Because it is very good.  Creamy like no other ice cream I remember.  I asked him if it was fat free.  He appeared to struggle, so I told him “just say yes” and bless his heart he said “yes”.    He sent us over to the barn so we could catch the end of the milking.    He was obviously proud of what they are doing.  It shows in his attitude and in the taste of the ice cream.

They sell to some big store chains here.  And are just  starting to sell to England.  I asked about America, he said they’d have to ‘conquer’ the European market first.  We said okay.  We’ll wait.  But hurry up.

Say it out loud again… TICKETY MOO.

Catchy isn’t it?

Then we went ‘home’.  Sadly, no- other world- activity.   I just want to see her, and him if possible.   The others seem content to not see them.  I think AC would like to see her.  I’ll have to ask.  Maybe if we both do she’ll show herself.  I mean, if you believe in spirits and all of that.   Which, if you are in Ireland it seems logical you should.   Though David has wondered if it was the little people, the wee people, the fairies who are teasing us and not the lady of the house.   I did ask if anyone thought there might be a fairy fort around.  I want to go look.  But what am I going to do if I find it?  I am probably better off not finding it.  Though the area we live in seems perfect for fairy forts.

None of us want to cook on vacation.  So we don’t.  So we headed to Donegal to eat.  I had my first  Irish stew of the trip.  So did AC.  We both took on the appearance of the heathen in Charlie and the Chocolate factory when she turned in to the big round blueberry.   It was good.   Though it was not traditional.  At least not traditional in the kind of stew we have all had.  But it was good none the less.  A young, red haired Irish lad waited on us.  He had a sunburn on the back of his neck.  Just something I noted.

Oh, and David’s birthday is in a little over a week.  We went in to a shop today to buy gifts.  I found something I really wanted to buy him but he would NOT leave me be.  He stood right next to me for everything I did and every where I went.  I finally picked it up and stuck it under another gift I wanted to purchase.  I am sure the lady standing next to me thought I was stealing.  I ended up picking up some other things and the shop lady said to me as my hands filled up “would you like me to take some of those things?”  Miracle of miracle… David walked away and I slipped the gift in to her hands and told her I didn’t want my husband to see it.  She was wonderful.  So discreet.  When he joined us again she already had it hidden.  She didn’t put it in the bag until he stepped out of the door, and she had wrapped it in gold paper.  She was an Irish doll.

Again we came home.  Again I anticipated …. Something.  But, nothing.

And right now, I am lying on the bed in our room.  David is down stairs watching Irish TV.  AC and UT have gone to sleep.   It is after 11 pm. It is still light enough to see outside.  The sky is three shades of blue with two shades of clouds floating by my window.  The hills go up even higher behind the house and I can see the outline.

It’s a typical Thursday night.  I saw more of Ireland.  I learned more of Ireland.  I absorbed the good and the sad of Ireland today.

And now I am here, in Ireland, looking out the window of a 200 year old house to see the Irish sky.  And I feel part of it.   For now.

That’s good enough for me.

5 thoughts on “Tickety Moo For Every One!

  1. Every morning…every single morning, after doing all my motherly chores and making certain my baby has her medication and her 1000 snuggles, I RUN to get my computer. NOT to read my messages, NOT to read the newspaper online, NOT to play on Facebook….nope. I run to read what you’ve experienced in your wonderful country!

    I am never disappointed. It is one of the best parts of my day ~ I am there in Ireland with you. Weeping, smiling, laughing….

    And REALLY envious that you found Tickety Moo! Sadly, if I were on this trip with you, I would have made you leave me there, with the cows and the milking and the ICE CREAM!!!! When you came to pick me up (you might waver on this), I would barely fit into the tiny Irish car. But I would be smiling great big! 🙂


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