Getting There

There are some things people should know about me.  Most importantly do not EVER listen to me for directions.  EVER.  So we have driven poor Chloe through Ennis fifteen times trying to find our way out because David was taking directions from me.  If he had listened to himself we would have been to the Cliffs of Mohr a week ago.  He knows better than to listen to me, hence it is his fault.

Chloe was instructed by her parents to pay for her own meals.  Our first stop for a “cuppa” we sit down and Chloe says “oh I forgot my wallet in the car”.   Hmmmmm.  Sounds like an old trick.  Don’t worry Chloe’s parents, we’re on to her!

We have now been to the Cliffs of Mohr.  Chloe and I agree, there are absolutely no words in the English language to explain or describe them.  Which is probably why they are in Ireland and need to be described in Irish.  Yeah yeah, yeah.

After the cliffs we stopped at what use to be the Sugan Chair but now goes by a different name that I can not remember.  There was an older gentleman sitting in there eating that David swears was there when we were there in 2006.  I agreed.  He left the restaurant before us but later I was standing outside and when he showed up again I said hello.  “From America are ye?  I can tell from your accent” .   His name was Jerry according to what the waitress called him.   He wasn’t the best kept, or the easiest to understand.  But he was the most pleasant.  He directed us to the ‘falls’ of his town, and wished us well when we parted.  We did enjoy the falls.  But I enjoyed the moment that this old fella’ spent making small, and very pleasant, talk.

When we left Jerry David crossed the street to take our picture.  Another fella with long hair, tattoos and leather was smoking outside of a pub.  He went up to David and said he would take a picture, David said okay.    As soon as he gave the camera to the fella, he turned and said “ha ha ha”  and pretended to run off.  It was pretty funny.  When he gave the camera back he told me to trust people with tattoos.  I told him I do and I have them myself but not where he can see them.  He found this funny and gave me a thumbs up sign.   I wonder where he thinks I have them?

The picture he took?  It didn’t  actually take because while we are here in Ireland on a fabulous trip David thought buying  13 year old batteries at the euro store (dollar store) was the best way to go.  You know, a euro saved is a euro earned.  And all pictures lost.    So we get 2 pictures to the battery.   It might be a good time to buy a newer battery and pay maybe 2 euros for it.

So we took Chloe to her first ‘ruins’.

To an abbey.

To a castle.

Got her first scone.

She got a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel.  I, did not, and she was jealous.

Got her first Irish purchase.  An awesome Irish jacket in the color I had wanted but couldn’t find.  Brat.

And when your heart is heavy, or your eyes are sore from what they see in the world, feast your heart and eyes on this:

If there is anything else you should know about me, it is that I appreciate the great and small things God does for us.  My bagel was small but it was great.  This view from the cliffs is large and great.  And the moments in my life are phenomenal, even if I can’t always find my way there alone.