Got A Minute?

Some days are God’s little reminder to what we should really be grateful for.

Lately I have been a bit consumed with houses.  Buy one.  God please let me sell one.  Clean them.  Polish them.  Make this one pretty.   Plan on making the next one awesome.  I fret because I haven’t been on a bike ride.  Or I stress because I seem to have been on non stop go for six weeks.

Today I got a chance to turn things around and see it the way God wants me to see it.   I have a day off to enjoy because I am lucky enough to have a job.  I have a house to get ready to sell because I have a house. I am preparing to turn another house in to a perfect little piece of heaven here, because I am fortunate to have the options to move, sell, buy.  I have choices.  I have abilities.  I have a husband who will do all of these things with me, for me.

I’ve traveled out of my own little world to experience the worlds’ of others.  I’ve seen things that make my heart stop and say this feels familiar and it feels right as if I had been there before.  I have experienced things I can not explain and other things that I will spend my life trying to find words to describe.     I’ve been taught to read, and spend much time reading the thoughts and experiences of others.  I have the ability to hear music, sing songs-whether I sing well or not is not the point.  I have tasted the best of foods and have always had a full belly.

Yet all of these wonderful things are not the best that there is.  I won’t try to get fancy with my words.  I’ll just say it like it is.  There are a whole lot of people who I enjoy, have fun with, adore, love, make me laugh, make me think, help me, need me, want me, share life time with me.

In the last 24 hours I have had:  company in my home to help me work, and then relax and eat cookies with.   It says something wonderful to me when people give their time to come to my home, help me work and then sit comfortably in my home-happy to be here.   The next morning starts with a bit of work on the house.   Then off to have an incredibly good time teaching little kids TKD.   Kids who want to be there, with me, to learn something, with me, from me.   Friends are there as well.   Friends who would have your back if you needed them, but encourage you and teach you to stand up for yourself.    Then a run home to do some more work.  Shower.  Run to a party that friends are putting together for my daughter.   A room fills to standing room only as family and friends gather to wish her well as she prepares to marry.   I can’t tell you how it feels to know that there are people in this room who would do anything for you, and prove it time and time again by being there for me, for my children.   More  people who drive for an hour to 4 hours to bring gifts, and spend their time with us.   Daughters and grandbabies to love and laugh with.   And love some more.   Run back home where more family is in my house, getting ready to go to yet another family party.   We all drive an hour or more to go to a surprise party with still more family and friends.  To see the joy on the birthday boy’s (brother and man) face when he realizes that so many people have come here for him.

And that’s what it is.  When someone else, whether it is one, or one hundred, takes a fraction of their life’s time and devote it to:

computers and cookies night,

painting your bathroom,

carrying your books,

planning and providing a party for your daughter,

listening and learning from you,


They devote their time to you.  To me.   When I think of the things that people do for me it’s not the thing that counts.  It’s the time of their life that counts.  They can’t get that time back.   It’s gone.  They’ve given it to me.  Doesn’t that amaze you?  You can give a dollar, get a dollar.  You can make a cake, eat that cake, and make another cake.   But when you spend your time with someone else, that time is given, and gone.  It stops me in my size 8 tracks when I realize…these people just gave me part of their lives.

What in the world can be more?

What have I ever done to deserve all of these people and their lives ?

I don’t know.

But God thanks for the reminder.