Raindrops and Sunshine

My life is charmed.  There’s no way I can question that.

I wake up today, in Ireland, with David.  In a house full of family.  Surrounded by skies that go on forever.  Fields of green like you have never seen, unless you have been in Ireland.

The day is sunny and warm.  Grey and chilly.  Sunny and warm.  Grey and chilly.  Jacket on.  Jacket off.  Jacket on.

We drove to a Monastery today.  Clonmacnoise.  Five high crosses in total.  Graves of kings.  Churches.  Round towers.

I am fascinated by the high crosses.  They each tell a story and they each have a story.

The round towers.  Built to protect and or store.  I love them.

We saw an ancient carving on a huge stone with an ancient foot print.  There were signs to point us there.  There was a very well maintained and fenced path to it.  Warning notices not to damage it.  It sat in a field with cows.  We have no idea what it was.  But it was worth seeing.  As far as I know it’s 1000 year old graffiti.

We went to Athlone.  Where the European triathalon championships were being held.

There was a castle there.  Saw it.  Saw athletes on bikes every where.  We didn’t stay long.  Long enough to eat in a pub.

Castle browse and athlete browse.  Headed out to discover more of Ireland.  We came across many castles. We walked through the town of Brill and in to the courtyard of it’s massive castle.   Many we could not access.  But it is a different world when you can drive backroads and come across towering remains of centuries old castles, with in walking distance of one another.

The days here are long now.  From sun up to sun down we go where ever we can get to.  Today we headed back fairly early.  We had visiting to do.  We were heading to the cousins for a “small nibble”.   This turns out to be turkey, chicken, ham, pasta, numerous salads, wine, cheeses, breads, about 5 or 6 desserts, fruit, fresh veg.  I can’t even remember it all.

I headed out to walk over.  The rest were coming in the car.  I put my back pack on.  Carried a jacket, started to sprinkle so I grabbed a rain coat.  Then the sun was shining so I took it all off and carried it.  UT offered to save me if it became stormy.  He smiled his understanding when I said no, that was okay.  It’s Ireland.

The walk was too short.  About a mile or so.  I walked between raindrops and sunshine.  Not far from the house I ran in to the neighbor we met last night on our walk.  She was fast walking but stopped to ask how our holiday was going.  The Irish are great about that.  Shopkeepers, waitress’, neighbors and family are always hoping your holiday is good.  This neighbor asked about Ohio and Barrack.  We talked about the drought Ireland has been in (though our visit seems to have brought some rain with it).  She told me to walk past her house further than UT and I did last night.  To an “Irish bog”, tis lovely she tells me.  I hope we can.   We part with her wishing my holidays are good.

I walk on. Through the country.

The clouds are heavy and grey.  There are patches of blue.  There are mountainous puffs of white clouds.  The sky is so endlessly large there is room for both storm and sun.

The breeze turns to wind, and back to breeze again.

Soon we will pass all too quickly through another night of talking and laughing with family in Ireland.  New friends are met.  Fun is had.

But right now  I am sitting on a wall.  Just looking.  Looking at the sky.  Each direction a different painting by God with different colors.  I am looking over my day.  Each hour full of adventure and joy.

My charmed life.