Black Fort

I’m sitting on the top of the world.  Or the top of this cliff anyway.  We are still on Inis Mor.  We rode our bikes, pushed our bikes, then hiked over to Black Fort, or the proper name:  Dun Ouchathair.   It does appear all black from the outside.  We never made it inside.  On each end of the fort we, not me, could have stepped around edge and in to the fort.  I chose not to.  Common sense spoke loudly to me.  Unfortunately the pictures give you no idea of how strong the wind is up here.  I am a good hundred feet from the edge now, I did walk up to it when we first got here, and I am still concerned the wind could topple me and roll me like a tumble weed right to the edge and over.

The waves are incredible.  We are anwhere from 500 feet or higher from the ocean and we find sea shells up here.  David thinks the wind blew them up here.  I say the waves did.  Big waves.

It’s just too pretty up here to write more.

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