Grainne Ni` Mhaille’s House

This afternoon Grace O’Malley came to visit me.  The real life little Queen, not a ghost of the Grannia of the 1500’s.  I have not lost it yet.

She climbed up on the chair and in to my lap.  She wanted to hold the “baby puter” which in adult speak is the netbook.  She wanted to see the pictures of Eyeland.  So we did.

I asked her repeatedly where I had been and she kept telling me “Eyeland”.   I opened a picture of Rockfleet.  The square tower castle that Gráinne Ní Mháille had lived in and asked her   “who’s house is that?”

As I live and breath my Grace O’Malley leaned in and looked at that picture and said “my house”.

This is the picture I showed her:

I asked her three times who’s house it was.  Three times she said “my house”.

You all need to start believing me.