Water Shakes

Everyone is having a difficult time understanding me due to my strong Irish accent now.


Give me time.  I am sure I will just as quickly lapse back in to my appalachian speak.

Don’t call me now though, because you will have a difficult time deciphering my Donegal, Northern Ireland, Galway, Sligo, Inis Mor, Clare, West Meath and etc… brogue.  Most Irish have one accent.  I decided to pick up all of them and mash them together.

I woke up this morning in my own bed.  My house.  I stood up and froze.  This is my house.  Where the hell am I?  I could not remember if I was in Ireland or America.  I don’t think I was fully awake when I was standing there.  Jet lag can be humorous.

I also started shaking.  Trembling.  Four hours have passed since I got up, not knowing where I was.  And I am still shaking.  It finally occurred to me…. caffeine.  Or the lack of it.  Is likely the culprit.  In Ireland I woke up with tea.  Drank tea with breakfast.  For a break from tea I might have coffee with scone or two or brown bread.  While running hither and yon over Ireland we could get pretty hot so I would drink diet Coke to quench the thirst.

I may have had a total of 12 ounces of water while I was traveling for almost three weeks.  No, wait, 24 ounces, I did have a large glass of water at “The Creamery” with my 5 pounds of Irish stew.

I love my caffeine.  But my body is also use to getting as much, if not more, water than coffee/tea.  I start my day with it and end my day with it.  Like I did today.

So I got water shakes.

Now I’m drinking coffee.

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