Left Too Long

Adjusting to my life has been interesting.  Yesterday morning of course I was clueless as to where I was when I woke up.    Today when I woke up I was still surprised to find myself in my house.  Though at least I remembered it was my house.  And I was glad to be there.  Though most of today it has felt like a “new” house to me.  I thought we were adjusting pretty well.  Until we decided to go in town to get something to eat.  Why not go to Subway?   Haven’t been there since the one in Northern Ireland.  And no one makes a toasted vegie sub like the best sandwich artist in the world.  Who happens to work at the local Subway.  You know who you are.  Wink.  Wink.     We get in the car and David is driving.  I was doing something with my phone while he was driving.  I look up and he is driving merrily along.

On the left side of the road.

“Go right David go right”.    Which is a play on what I said for three weeks in Ireland “Stay left David stay left”.   He drifted back to the right side of the road and just glanced at me.    Fortunately we had not gotten on to the highway yet.

There is a tree on fire here.  Earlier today when we had a storm come through there was a lightening strike.  We knew it hit close to the house, and probably in more than one place.  We looked out the window but didn’t see anything.  Later a neighbor lady came up to tell us there was a tree on fire.  Then the fire department came to talk to us.  It’s not our tree but it’s across from us.  We talked about options.   There is no way to get any equipment there.  So they said to call back if it gets worse.  They think it will burn its self out.  We walked over and took pictures.   It’s a smoking hollow tree.


This blog sucks compared to my Ireland blogs.

My apologies.

I must still be adjusting.

Go write Colleen go write.