120 Ounces

It’s a new world for one of us today.

She arrived to a world anticipating her arrival.  Expecting her.  Wanting her.

I don’t know if she felt the same way.

I’m sure it was more of a shock to her.  She wasn’t expecting the sudden change.  Or the glaring world that was waiting for her.   She had to leave the comfort and privacy of the only world she knew-to join us.  I bet she is a little surprised at the changes.  The loss of the privacy walls.  The sudden influx of people in her face, talking to her in a language she hasn’t grasped yet.

Some people were even quite invasive.  Poking and prodding.

And how’s come the one voice she grew so accustomed to, that accompanied her every where she went, suddenly seems so far away?  Like they aren’t connected any more?

Perspective is a funny thing.  To us it is joy and love and great anticipation fulfilled.

To her, it’s a brand new world.

Welcome to it baby girl.

We love you.  We’re glad you joined us!