Buying and Selling

We haven’t shown our house yet.  And I am not sure I am ready for that.

Today we looked at one house.  But it’s not being lived in.   Then we went to another house.  The family still lives there.

I felt very …. stalkerish….. looking in to their home.

Opening doors.  Peering in closets.  Checking out the pantry.   It just felt…. wrong.   Looking at the carpet and wondering “what were they thinking”?   Or noticing wall paper and thinking “WHAT THE HELL?”

Not to mention I have a very strong habit of smelling houses before I go in.  Due to my job I am often called upon to go in to houses that have uhm… issues.   Some of them are not so clean.  Or have some illegal activities going on.  Or lots of animals.  So I am smelling houses before I go in.  And while I am in there.  Again, I feel bad about this.  It’s like I am judging their aroma unfairly.   They can’t help what my job is.   Or what the residual effect of that job is on my house hunting skills.   You know what?  Maybe it is a good skill.   Is that cigarette I smell?  Oh man there’s a cat peeing out here.  Somebody needs to learn how to clean a little bit better with a little bit more elbow grease.  Speaking of grease, they must fry bacon every single day.

There are some things that this will help with.  Because I don’t want a house that had smoking or peeing in it.  So let’s not consider this a bad thing.  Okay, I feel better about that now.

My super duper realtor (I hope you’re reading this!)   🙂   of course schedules these things so they know we are coming.  But there is something eerie and disconcerting about doing it.  I mean, for real, strange people I do NOT know SLEEP THERE.  They use that bathroom.  Gross.  I’m sorry, but any house I will move in to the bathroom will be sanitized 5000 times.  That has nothing to do with the previous owners.   It is my own issues.   And I have no problem claiming that one.

But on the plus side of things I notice:  books.   If a home is full of books it makes me feel better.  Because books are good.  If you don’t know this, consider yourself now informed.   I don’t necessarily judge on the types of books they have but I do notice, and it does matter (the having of  books matters).  And I want some signs of joy in the house.  Today I saw some paintings, and prints, and this made me happy.   Unfortunately, I didn’t like the house.   But I liked these things about them.

So now…. people are going to be looking in MY home?

I think what they need to do is let my realtor know they want to buy it.  She can tell them how great it is.  Even take a few more pictures.   Then they can just buy it.

It sounds reasonable to me.

I don’t want anyone stalking my house.   Or judging me.   I just want them to buy it.

But I have a few things going for me:

1.  My house does not stink.

2.  I have lots of books.

3.  No animals are peeing in my house.

4.  Happiness resides here.