I’ve Met The Requirements

I am officially claiming that I have lived in Ireland.

My uncle once asked me what it would require to make me feel like I had lived in Ireland.

I told him “get mail at my residence”.

This, most certainly, did happen.

We came home from one of our daily Irish escapades and there, under the mail slot in the door, lay an envelope.  Addressed to “me” because it said “Cousins”, of which I am one of.   And, I found it, opened it, read it, and am claiming it as my mail.

In addition to this I also purchased groceries, did my laundry, walked to the neighbors, went visiting with neighbors, family and friends (all of whom are Irish citizens which should automatically make me a citizen as well). By friends I mean friends.   People who are not obligated by family ties to know me and like me.  Neighbors, people who live in the neighborhood.  Family of course is family who make you feel at home.    And to top it off I attended pubs and sang and closed them down (one counts  as “them”).

So not only have I lived in Ireland, I am a citizen.   Yeah, yeah yeah, I am.  I even speak the language.

So I am claiming my Irish Citizenship.  I will hold a dual citizenship.  American of course, and now Irish.   Could someone please let the Irish government know I’m waiting for my citizenship card and documentation?  I’ve been back a week or so now and haven’t gotten it.