I Hope The Bathroom Isn’t Blue

Yesterday we walked in to a house.  Went through it once.  I couldn’t tell you what the bathroom looks like.  I couldn’t even tell you if there IS a bathroom.  I have no idea what colors the rooms were painted.  Or the carpet colors.  Or what the kitchen looks like.

But I can tell you about the little lady who lives there.  Because she was there.  She is tiny.  Maybe four foot six, maybe eight, maybe ten.  But she is little bitty.  Two of her sons were there.  Handsome family.   Our realtor and I were both amazed at the wrinkle free faces of the 92 year old matriarch and her sons.  Pleasant people.  The house felt good.  But she can not live independently any longer.  So she is going to move to a place that will help her with all of those little things in life most of us take for granted that we can still  do.  She was a beautiful little lady.  And I told her so.

I can also tell you that the house SITS on a bike trail.  The bike trail passes directly in front of the house.     The back of the house leads right to the bike trail.  And the house is half the size of the house we live in now.  And we will likely gut it, and paint it, and put in solid flooring (as opposed to carpet).   I can tell you there is a big tree out back.   And bushes in the front.  The yard is small but I think it will prompt me to go out and plant stuff.   The back of the house is bordered by a dead end “alley”.   But it’s better than an alley, it’s paved, and it ends at the house next to us.  So no drive through traffic.  On the other side of the ‘alley’ is an empty stretch of very green grass, and a creek.

And I can tell you there is a garage.  Smaller than what we now have but still a 2 car garage.   And the purpose of the garage, to hold all of our bikes and kayaks, will be met.

The house is white, with black shutters.  This will be painted a different color.

It will take a lot of work to make it ours.

We walked out of the house and made an offer.

Today they accepted the offer.

Some things I can’t tell you about the house.    But if it becomes ours.  I can tell you this, it will be wonderful.  It will be what we make it.  It will be home.