Home Sweet Home To Be

The bathroom IS blue.

But that’s okay.

The kitchen is green, yellow, white and blue.

But that’s okay.

The basement  is paneled and orange.

But that’s okay.

The little bitty lady was there again today.

And that was very okay.

We inspected the house today.  Let me tell you, if you ever need something checked out, looked over, evaluated and inspected, ask my brother and his wife.  I am pretty sure they laid their eyes and flashlights on every inch of the house.  Though there will be much work to be done, it’s already taking shape in my head.  Shaping up in to a little house to shelter us when we aren’t riding our bikes, or kayaking, or TKDing, or visiting our cabin, or other out of the house life experiences.  Or, for that matter, sheltering us while our friends come and hang out with us.

But I will say this.  The bathroom will not stay blue.  The kitchen will not remain green, yellow, white and blue.  The basement will not stay orange.  Some of my friends don’t know it yet but they will have LOADS of fun coming over to strip wall paper, tear out carpet, paint some earth tones upon the walls and lay down some stunning wood floors.  Don’t tell them though because I want them to be surprised at all the fun they are about to share with us.

This is all very okay!