I Think I Miss Cooking

I use to cook.  A lot.  I baked, from scratch, wonderful smelling and great tasting  bread.  I created home made jellies and jams.  And canned vegies and homemade tomato sauce.  I cooked out.  Made meatloaf that was only surpassed by my meatballs and tomato sauce.  Both of these had secret ingredients.   I had dinner on the table for the family every night.  Some meals were more from scratch, some meals were more from the box.

But dinner as a family is extremely important.

Than the kids grew up.

There was no one to sit at the dinner table.

So nightly dinners turned in to eating when I was hungry and what I was hungry for.

I haven’t ‘cooked’ in what feels like years.  Well, it probably has been years.  For real.

But tonight….tonight I cooked.

Okay I didn’t cook.  I created.  I made a chocolate mousse pie.

It entailed absolutely no cooking and was done in about six minutes.

But I made something and it felt good.

I hope it tasted good.

I enjoyed the six minutes of making something to eat.  I think I miss cooking.  O r maybe I miss the kids being little.  Or taking care of them.  Or both.  Or all of it.  Or something.   I just know it felt good to do a wee little bit of something I use to do a lot of.