A Book That Changed My Life

I think this is the 3rd installation of the Maggie/Ashley/Me correlating blogs.  I could be wrong, but it doesn’t really matter.  It’s one of them.

I love books.  So you would think it would be difficult to pick.    Think of the millions of books on this earth.  Likely, billions of books.  Books have impact, they humor us, teach us, bore us, intrigue us.   But I don’t know how many actually change one’s life.

As much as I thought about this and tried to not have a book that changed my life, I kept thinking about this one book.   It was Reality Therapy by Dr. William Glasser.   I read it in college.    I actually retained a lot of it as well.   The book and the instructor/teacher taught me something that you would think I would have known by the time I was thirty. But I did not know it.  Sadly, I did not know it.

What did I learn?

That I had choices.

That simple.

I could blather on about what this book said.  But I won’t.

It changed my life.  I empowered myself.  With choice.

Go read it.