You Can Go Back

Last night I was twenty five again.

And it was sweet.

I let her take a shower and play with the “rain”.  She loves putting her little face in the water and drinking it.  She wiggles under the water, having fun like a water drop.  When we say “bye bye” to the rain she gets wrapped up in a great big towel.  Always make sure to dry between your toes!   She gets all dried off  and instead of wearing her jammies she wants to wear one of my big t-shirts.   I brush her still wet hair back.   She doesn’t mind it being brushed.   She’s such a good girl.  We sit in the big chair and talk, sharing time with a friend.  She dozes off.  I hold her in my lap as long as I can.

I lay her on my bed.

I look at her and realize she is just like her mom.  My daughter.  For a very brief second, I was twenty five and I had her back.

Thank God for grandbabies, memories, and love.

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