Hanging My Head Low (picture this)(really, visualize it)

So I’m a user.

I’m shame faced about this.

Totally.  Completely.  And Seriously!

About a  week or so  ago I asked my brother and his wife to help us inspect a house we are considering purchasing.  And what do they do?  They spend an ENTIRE Sunday afternoon at our disposal.  Going from nook to cranny and back again to find any and all possible faults with the possible purchase.   And when I say ALL NOOKS AND CRANNIES I am sure some of those nooks and crannies felt violated.

Not only did they do this, they drove over, met us, completed the said inspection and then when it started to viciously storm upon us…. we left them.

Well, we all left.  But I high tailed it to my car to get home as much ahead of the storm as possible.  Because we were driving in front of it, but they had to drive in to it.

The storm isn’t the issue though.  Just shouting “thanks” and running to the car in the aura of the storm and leaving them.  I mean, I didn’t even ask them to go to Tim Horton’s for a donut.  I’m a user.

Even sadder, this did not occur to me until LAST NIGHT.

Why did I think of this?  Because I was reliving the process of this buy and sell house process and realized how lucky, blessed, fortunate I am to have so many people helping us.  I mean, we don’t even have to ask.  They are calling and offering help.  They are planning their time off to help us.   So I just kind of reviewed all of this in my head and I pictured brother and sister in law in their shiny blue vehicle looking at me as I hurriedly thanked them, good byed them and like a cowardly storm evader jumped in my car.

I called him tonight and got his vm.  But I left an apology.   He’s probably screening his calls to make sure it’s not me being rude.  Okay, he wouldn’t do that.  But I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

So to all of you family and friends who are being so generous with your time and physical abilities I am warning you.  I’m a user.

But I am aware of this problem and will rectify it.

In the meantime if I am neglectful and not thankful and rude feel free to call me on it.  But don’t be mean.  I may be a user but I am sensitive.

Thanks for understanding.

2 thoughts on “Hanging My Head Low (picture this)(really, visualize it)

  1. Mother Nature has her moments. We are fortunate to be able to help out where possible. Hoping the new home will feel refreshed as it gets a makeover.


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