Today’s Blog (Greatest Title Ever)

I had a nice little blog started from yesterday morning’s workout but I did not get it completed.  I got home from work too late to get back to it.  So I’m back on my bike and at my computer this morning.   Which some of you may think ‘wow, how does she do that? It sounds really dangerous!  It’s not.   If you question this and/or it does not make sense go back to my blog number one and read through to here.  I am sure I explain this along the way.    I start working on the blog from yesterday and my computer totally refuses to work with me.  Totally.  I say to hell with that blog and trash it.  Though I love the topic.   It was about:   Music.  Old music.  Musicians and groups I didn’t know of until now but are no longer around, or made up of new members, or have died.  But I love them.  And I miss them.  That was the title of the blog you’ll never read:   I Miss Them.

So now it’s 5:08 a.m. and I am mad at my computer.  And I am mad I lost my blog.   Bummer.

But I’ll tell you  two of the people I was going to reference in my blog:   Luke Kelly and Ronnie Drew.  I could link you to some Youtube moments of theirs.  But really, I’d like to have written a better blog about them as well.  So maybe I’ll do both at a later time.  For now, I just want to say their names.  When I get done with this blog I’m going to Youtube them myself so I can pick an Irish tune or two sung by an Irishman or two and get done being mad at my computer.  Unless it doesn’t let me Youtube some Luke and/or Ronnie (of the Dubliners by the way).

Oh, really, I’m done being mad anyway.  Kind of.  I don’t like the state of mad.  It’s not a good place to be.  But for future reference to my computer:  please don’t screw up my blogs and tell me what I can and can not do.  If I choose to do it, you, the computer, are suppose to do what I, the human, am trying to do.  If I have to walk away and come back later than don’t freeze up on me and try to control me.  It’s not right.  Or nice.

My apologies to Mr. Kelly and Mr. Drew, they deserve better.  To my blog readers, all four of you, my apologies.   But if you are reading to this point I must have entertained you in some way.  Either that or you kept reading thinking “surely she has a point” or you were thinking “how bad can this blog be”?

Now you know.

Happy Wednesday!