Happy Thursday

It’s Thursday morning.  I’m riding before work.  On the trainer.  At my desk.  As I have for so many hundreds of days.  It’s a work day.  A play day.  A I gotta get things done day.  Just like so many days before it.  I’ll finish here, go to work, turn on the computer.   Go through my checklist and cross things off as I do them.  Talk to my friends and coworkers.  Wonder what I’ll do for lunch?  Be sad at some of the calls that come in.  I’ll get frustrated about something, likely something that I think the world should handle better, and try to find a solution.  Something good will happen, it always does.  I’ll talk to the husband, the kids, on my cell phone as I go through the day.  I’ll eat and then want to eat some more.  I’ll day dream through out the day about things that are happening, I’ll envision the ‘new’ house with our lives in it.  I’ll envision someone else living in my ‘now’ house and hope it’s as full of love and laughter as when (while) I lived there.  I’ll drive home hoping to get a work out in.  There’s always something to do.  Tonight one of the kids is having us all over for dinner.  I’ll get to see my family and fill up with more love.  I’ll come home tired.   Get things ready for the day tomorrow.

It seems so regulated.  You think?   I don’t know, I don’t really think that.  The thing that is different about today?

I have never had it before.

And I can say this and be grateful.

Every day.

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