The best things in life.  People talk about them all of the time.  I guess we need to know what they are for ourselves.  A day holds so much living that sometimes the things that matter are over looked.  So just to remind myself I thought I would jot a few down.

*Husband waking up with me.  A kiss good morning.

*Husband getting up on his days off, every single one of them, to talk with me and kiss me goodbye on my way to work.

*Husband putting gas in my car because I forgot (again) to do this.

*Daughter calling me to tell me good news about her apartment.

*Daughter calling me to ask for our help.

*Daughter calling me just to see what I am doing.

*Daughter bringing over the babies just to see us for a few minutes because she knows how much it means to me.
*Sister calling me to share exciting news.
*Mom making a point to have lunch with me every week.
*Friend calling me to say ‘hey’.  That’s all.  No other reason needed.
*Friend calling me to ask if I need help.
*Friend coming over to help.
*Dairy Queen Cheesequake blizzards.
*Friend coming over to eat cookies.
*Friends to have lunch with.
*Husband driving fifty miles to have lunch with me.
*A job to get up for on a Monday morning.
*Tim Horton’s.
*Brothers who help.
*Someone to laugh with.
*Laughing at myself.
*Pinkish and bluish and whitish clouds stretched out over a morning sky breaking with sun.
*Not having enough time to write all of the things that matter.
*A bed.
*Husband to kiss goodnight.
*Someone who reads this.

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