A Thought, A Prayer, Some Love

After writing about Alix yesterday I am having a difficult time writing about mundane, or every day, or fun kinds of things.   It doesn’t seem fair to Alix that I can write about her one day and then go about my life as if her life has not been altered.  If you find yourself thinking about Alix maybe going to her prayersforalix.com site that was attached to her name in yesterday’s blog, or go to her Facebook prayer page will help you stay connected to her.  Or if there are any activities being held to help raise money for her you may want to participate or talk this up with your friends, telling others who may not know.  I know tragedy strikes many of us every day.   But there are a lot more of us that tragedy does not strike.  And this kind of tragedy?   It was preventable.   It was not an accident.  I don’t want to realize that this young lady lies in a bed with an altered state of existence that she did not choose and then forget about her.   That just seems cold.  So if I come back to talking about Alix I won’t ask you to forgive me, I’ll just keep asking you to think about her.  Pray for her.  Share a little of your love with her.   Keep an eye on her pages to see if there are little things we can do for her that may mean a lot to her and her family and friends.

I will go back to writing about other things.  Other people.  Yesterday I said I can’t stop thinking about her.   Today I hope there is at least one more of you who says or thinks a kind word about her, and another one tomorrow, and the next day.   And every day her world, whether she knows us or not, grows by one (or more) who care about her, think about her, maybe does something kind for her or someone else who has suffered at the hands of someone else.  Make her life important to mine, yours, and make sure the world remembers this woman, who at 24 is more a child than a woman.   Sorry 24 year olds, you’ll know what I mean when you’re 30, 40 and so on.   Anyway, think about her.

I’m still thinking that anything else I can write would be trivial.  So…… that’s just how it is.  Give Alix a thought, today, every day.  Amen.