Live Today

Good Morning (afternoon, evening, night)!!!

I hope this is a great day for you.   I hope you have reason to laugh today.  Love today.  Find joy in this day.

I hope you contemplate your life’s journey.  Tweak it’s direction if needed.  Reinforce your drive and commitment if you’re going in the  direction that is taking you to your greatest possible  destination .   Steer left or right if you’re a little off course.  Maybe stop if necessary and make sure of where you’re going or if where you’ve been is the place you want to be, or go.

Hopefully you will see reason to celebrate, your success or someone else’s.  Or celebrate the ordinariness of your day.

Find a blessing.   Be a blessing.  (Did I read that somewhere?  If so I thank who ever said it.  It seems simple and brilliant so surely someone else has said that and I am honoring them here for their brilliance.)

I hope I find a wrong within myself and try to make it right.  I hope we all do that today.

I hope your day covers a plethora of good emotions and experiences.  And if there are bad experiences I hope you have or find the wisdom and compassion in life to deal with it, face it, conquer it.

I hope your day includes love.  Love for your family, your friends, your job, your lunch!  Love a song that makes you sing out loud and sticks with you all day, making you want to continue to sing, all day.

I hope  you find time in your day to forgive, yourself and/or someone else.

I hope at the end of the day your baggage is lighter.   Your heart is fuller.  Your life is better.

Have a great day! And when you sleep tonight I hope it is in peace.  I hope your guardian angel watches over you and reflects on the good day and the good work  he/she and you did with your life today.

Good night! as well.