Complete Abandon

Did you ever watch the episode of Friends where Pheobe runs, and Rachel is horrified at the way Pheobe runs.  And is embarrassed.  And doesn’t want to run with her?   Yeah, poor Pheobe.  She had it right.

Today I watched while Grace O’Malley hit the dance floor and with complete abandon and incredible rhythm-danced.  She could probably go on Dancing With Stars and be a huge hit.  She could win.  Grace is full of grace.  And the greatest things are she dances because she wants to dance, whether there is music or not.  She encourages everyone and anyone around her to dance.  Uhm, okay sometimes she demands that someone or everyone dances.  Her little body dances to the beat of her little heart.

Her complete abandon, total trust in being free and happy and safe makes life so much better.   She can dance to be happy without having to worry about her score.  She can dance to Mamo singing or Mommy singing (who sings better) or radio, or just to whatever is going on in her precious little baby head.  Her dancing is nothing more than her little self feeling good.

What else is dance for?

But to dance for the  joy of it.

That’s the best kind of dance.  It’s what dance is.   And Grace knows it now.  I hope she knows it always.