One Block At A Time

The last few months have been a bit of a roller coaster.  Traveling, preparing to sell a house, preparing to buy a house, welcoming a beautiful baby, getting ready for my baby to marry….   So very much.   And I am grateful for all of it.

And it’s funny the wonderful little things that we sometimes over look, but on reflection, they are the moments, the building blocks, of a wonderful life.

Today we got to go on a bike ride.  That alone is a tidbit of joy for me.  But there were other things that got my attention.  One of them happened when we met the seller of the house we are working on purchasing.   He met us there today so we could go in and get some measurements for bathroom stuff we need to replace and flooring we need to look in to replacing.    While we talked I asked how his mom was doing.  She moved to assisted living just to have that extra care available to her.  Her son is selling her house for her and I am impressed by his unconditional love and care he has for her.   She is doing well.  She wants to come home and sit on her porch.  I can’t blame her.  She enjoys watching the people go by.  But she is making friends and enjoying where she is.  That’s good.   I told her son today that people asked me what the house looked like.   I told him I couldn’t tell them.  I could tell them what his mom looked like, but not the house.   He got a kick out of that and said it meant a lot to him.  He asked us if there was anything we would like them to leave for us.   I asked him if he would leave me a picture of his mom.  I want her to stay in the house.   I was surprised, pleasantly, at how much that meant to him.   I think he was choked up for a second.   I told him I still thought of it as her house.   He told me that when he was telling others about the “buyers” that he liked us as soon as we showed up at their door the first time.   He knew we would love the house, and that it would be important to us.  And that made him feel good, and know that him selling was the right thing to do.   He liked knowing it was us who would be living there.

And a little building block of my life was put in place.

I will always see his face when I asked him for a picture.  And I will hear him tell me his heart feels okay with all of this.  Because I know how much that mattered to him, I feel good about it today.