The Music Plays

As fragile as we all know life is, why why why do we need reminders to stop and appreciate all that life is?

Maybe I speak for just myself.  Maybe somebody out there can relate.

While a friend lies in a hospital bed the rest of us are shocked.  Stunned.  We didn’t expect it.  Didn’t see it coming.  Didn’t spend days leading up to this paying him any extra attention.  We didn’t know he needed it.

Now he does.  Maybe that’s the important part.  When he really needs his family and friends they are there.  I guess we don’t all need every one In our lives at every moment of our lives.  But we need to know that everyone in our lives matters at all times.

I know at any given time we don’t know God’s plan.  And that seems to be part of His plan.  Which is fine with me.   I don’t necessarily want to know everything.   I want to live the moment He has me in right now.   And right now I think of him.   I think of his sister and his nieces, people who have lived their lives with him and are not ready to go on without him.  They will if it’s the plan obviously.   But if they have a choice, they’d rather not.

Right now our minutes are full of appreciating the moments with him.  Black robes with the butt worn out.  Pepsi.  “Can we talk?”    Yes that one’s a throw back to another time.  But so is the black robe.  Sitting at the bar during his shift  and rolling his eyes.   Ohio Bell.  And the one thing that everyone knows and shares about him, and associates with him, the piano.   Whether you’ve known him forty years or four years you know he plays.  You know he loves it.   You know the music is important.

And for me it’s not the specifics of his life.  It’s the part he played in the family that became so important to me, and my family.  His role in his family, his part in life, is being family.  As I think of him there tonight, I think of his mom and dad, his “little” brothers who are likely taller than him.  And his sister who has gone through every thing with him.   And will continue to do so.  The nieces who know life only with him in it.   He’s important, and not everyone always knows that.

Today while I sat at work I couldn’t help but think of walking up on his parents porch so many years ago and not wanting to knock or disrupt what was happening in that house.  Music, is what was happening.  I would stand there looking through the screen door at him playing.   Listening to that one song I associate with that house.  I can never ever remember the name of it but I know when I ask his sister, she’ll tell me.  I heard him play that more than anything.

And I look forward to hearing him play it again.

This reminder is certainly putting me to the test.  I know.   I know.   I know.   Life is all we have.  It’s fragile.    It’s only ours for the briefest of times.  I pray for his recovery.   I want him to look back at what is going on now, and be reminded of the fragility of life.  And be glad to have this time as a reminder.

Get better.  Get well.  There are lots of people praying.   I hope you hear us.  And we look forward to hearing the music again.