What’s Right To Write

Yeah, so, I can’t think of anything to write about this morning.

I am thinking about a lot of things.   But don’t know what to write.   I’m thinking.   Always thinking.   Maybe not clearly.   Or deeply.   Or rightly.   But I’m thinking.

About what?

Well…. some things:

Friend in the hospital.

Another young lady still in the hospital.

New baby and the Queen, I didn’t get to see them yesterday.

I wanted to tell a daughter a great idea I had but she was working, so I didn’t talk to her yet.

I think a friend should start that blog.

I love my husband, that’s a constant.

We’re buying a house today.

I would like another house to sell.

Will I have to go to work today.  I mean get to go to work?   Storms around here have been ferocious.

It’s hot.

I miss some people in my life.

I’m very happy for a sister taking a powerful new step in her life.

If I do go to work today I’ll be going to Tim Horton’s to “work”.   Yeah… nice.

I dunno.

Can’t think of what to write about.

So…..  I guess I’ll get back to you all on that.

I think I’ll start out my own day with a little gratitude.  A little prayer.   A little workout.  A little bit of thinking.

I’ll meet you back here later.  Okay?  Thanks!