The REAL American Pickers

Yard sales.

Interesting concept.

We’re having one.   I’m actually “kinda sorta” enjoying it.

I have tons of “stuff” that I don’t want to have to pack up and haul to my next house.    Downsizing, remember?

I have met some interesting people today.   You have the zoomers.   They pull in, jump out of the car, quickly appraise what’s there, and leave.   Zoomers seldom buy anything.

You have the Quakers.   No offense to real Quakers.  It’s just how I imagine a Quaker might be.  Mostly from the old rhyme “Quaker’s meeting has begun, no more laughing no more fun….”   They come in.  Quiet.  They might smile at the yard sale jokes, and the attempt at small talk.   But they don’t speak.  Or at least not loudly enough to be heard.   They appear like they just don’t know for sure what to do.   Quietly and timidly going through things.  Very neat.   Occasionally asking a price.   Never arguing the price.  If they want it they carry it with them.   Paying silently and maybe thanking me when they leave.

Then you have the Party-er’s.    A couple or a bunch of people who got together for the sole purpose of “yard sale-ing” .   They are in good moods.  They say, or yell “hey look at this”!   They read through books.   Pick up a bunch of stuff.   Move it.   Have fun with it.   Not doing any damage.  Just out having fun.  Sometimes they buy stuff.  Sometimes one of them will help out the seller by taunting the friend in to paying full price.  Or sometimes all of them jump on the “will you take this much for it” band wagon.    They are usually fun.    Though they might intimidate the Quakers.

Sometimes the Shoppers pull in.   They will go through.   Check out the value they can get for a dollar.   If it is a good value.  They’ll buy it.  They might haggle a little bit.  But they know a good deal when they see it and usually act on it.

You have to beware of the Stingy Scrooges.    They are not always so pleasant.  They may mock some of the items and the cost on them.  Something is marked 5oc.  They think that is outrageous and stick out their hand with a quarter and say “here I’ll give you this for it”.   And they think the deal is done.  Yes, because that $200 framed, limited edition, print is NOT worth 50c.   Really?


Then they get mad when you don’t give in to their demand.   And yes, it is a demand.

Which makes me mad.

Which makes the sale NOT important as my righteousness to charge 50c.

Then there are the Wrinklies (I stole this from my Ireland cousins, sorry!)   They come in looking for something they need that they don’t want to pay full price for but they really need it.  They find it.  Look it over.  Make sure it works.  Or isn’t cracked.   Or ripped.  Or whatever damage could be a part of that desperately needed item.  If they like it they carry it while they go ahead and see if there is anything else they could use.   Then they approach.  And are very pleasant and use the old wrinkly charm.   So you sell it for cheaper than it was marked for.   That’s a feel good sale.

Regardless of what kind of yard sale character stops, I am grateful to see them.

I would love to see them all.

I would love to see them all give me a little bit o’ money to have the privilege of carrying away my stuff.

Happy Yard Sale-ing!   At my house!