Love Mad

I am the first to admit I get mad over stupid things.  Trivial things.  Irrelevant things.  I usually cuss, out loud, and then am done with it.  I might even rant a bit.   But usually get over it.   Feeling stupid in the process.

But sometimes I get mad and it’s for a very good reason.  And usually the reasons that are legit to be mad I am not cussing, or ranting.  I am just mad.  And there is nothing I can do about it.

Like my kids getting sick or hurt.  Yes, it makes me mad.   I don’t want them hurt or sick and there is nothing I can do about it.   I can help, nurture, etc…  But I can’t prevent and cure.   I’m sorry, I am not being blasphemous here but I would like to talk to God about this.  If we have children we should be granted the power to take care of them and heal them.   Yes, we should.   Agree or not, I’d just like to have that discussion with Him.  I’m not saying He is wrong, I’m just saying I think He would hear me out.   Maybe He just didn’t think about that.

So there’s the mom mad.

That goes hand in hand with daughter mad, sibling mad, fill in the blank relative mad.

Then there is wife mad.   Wife Mad.  Husband does not feel well.   Husband is not him self.  Husband feels like this for weeks.  Husband does not address it.  Have it checked out or do anything proactive about it.

Until wife gets mad.

Then he goes to the doctor.

Wife was right.   He is sick.

I wish I had been wrong.

And now I can’t be mad.

Because he is sick.

But this was not a stupid mad.

It was a love mad.