I Sometimes Write In The Car

So I took off work early today and will again other days this week if nothing crazy is going on.   I went to the ‘new’ house to work.  Funny, usually “new” implies it’s new.   Well, it is not.  It is an older house that we newly own.  So much time is being devoted to stripping, tearing down, building up, painting and just a general ‘do over’.
While working I had the unexpected pleasure of company.   Unexpected.  At the old house there was seldom any unexpected drop bys.  We just lived a little incovenient to drop inners.  I’ve had more drop ins in two weeks than I have in the past ten years in the old house.
It’s nice.
There are still pros and cons to the moving thing.  Selling the old house and buying a new one.    Change and I do not get along real well.  And I have discovered something.   If I were to ever become filthy rich and have the option of owning multiple homes-I could not do it.
I can’t split my loyalties.   My devotions.   My time.
I want to be at home.
But right now I am very torn.  The home I am living in I will be leaving.   The home I am spending a ginormous amount of time laboring in I can not stay in, but will be living in.  It plays with my very regimented mind.  I don’t own houses.  I own a home.   I live in a home.    The division is playing havoc hell with my need to do certain things in my life.   My workouts are cut in half, literally.   This sucks.   My time to write and read other’s writings have been nearly obliterated.   If the husband is driving and I have a thought or two I try to write on my way to or fro a home/house/project/sleep/work.
Oddly, with all of this uphouseheaval going on I am enjoying it immensely.  Husband may argue, he seems to think I am moody.  But I would like to point out to everyone else, because I just pointed it out to him, I am more than willing and honest about my moods.   I think it is about time others step up to the plate and acknowledge it is not always me.   I stand up in the face of all who judge me and own my moods.  Sometimes I think I am too willing to own them.  Because sometimes the moods are someone else’s and I am affected by said moods. That’s right world, I take the blame for all of my moods – you do the same!
What was I saying?   Oh, I am enjoying the process.  The above paragraph was a sidebar.  I am loving the ‘making it my own’ process.  Just putting a different color on a wall makes a huge difference.  Making plans in my head.  Then changing them as we work, just because we can.   It is a good feeling to be physically interacting with your house.  It’s a good way to get to know it.   I don’t mean that in a creepy or freaky way.   I mean it in I will know the strong points, the weak points, things that I won’t have to worry about and things I know will be replaced or cause problems (windows).
Oh, and all you house building renovating people.   I have a suggestion or two.   For the bathroom sink, toilet,  shower, faucets, kitchen sink, and kitchen counter replacements?  Or anything that you have to buy for your house?   When you go to pick them out, go on line.  Find a DIY kind of place and for each category, the first one you see that you like, PICK IT.   I know others will cringe.  But that is what I did.   Yessirree.  I did.   Pulled up the toilets, there, I like that one, put it on the list.  Done.  If I keep looking I will find ONE THOUSAND toilets I have to pick from.    Bathroom sink/cabinet, go to that category-oh I like that one.   Good, on the list.  Done.   STOP LOOKING past the first one you like.   It will pay off in dividends of less stress, more hair you get to keep, no headaches, no fighting with the spouse who says “I don’t care, you pick it out” or “it doesn’t matter to me if it makes you happy ” crap.
Haha!   Yes, I just made myself laugh out loud when I wrote that.
We are close to one of the homes.  I need to shut this down so I can run in the house, do some TKD, throw in a load of dirty rags, post a blog, take a shower and….
Life is busy.
Life is good.