Car Revolt

Okay men, listen up.  Or is it just my husband?

If the car is BROKEN or in the process of BREAKING, and you know it, get it FIXED!!

Cars are tools, I get it.  I get that it does not have to be a status symbol or a luxury vehicle.  I get that you just want it to get us from point A to point B.   But to do so you have to do more than put gas in it.  When that pesky old “check engine” light comes on, there is likely a problem.   When it stalls, continually, that may be indicative of a problem.   If it refuses to start five times, I would say that qualifies as a “maybe I should get this checked”, at least on the fifth time.

And when you drive it?  If it shakes enough to produce an almost obscene shimmy….time to get it looked at.

I’m not saying my  husband neglects his vehicle.  I’m just saying I had to change directions, go pick him up in the middle of the day and drive half way across the state, and back again.  But not because the vehicle broke down.

It was throwing it’s own revolt.

It was having it’s own sit-in.

It was having it’s own little demonstration.

It through in the towel.   No more abuse.   It has been giving notice for almost THREE months.

Thank you for listening men.  Husband.