What Would You Do?

Someone is missing some fingernails.   And I found them.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty gross.

Running errands before we started working on the house today we went through Tim Horton’s.  I love Tim Horton’s.   Had a bagel.  Had a medium Iced Capp, made with low fat milk.  Good stuff that.   We go to Lowes to purchase some more things for the house.   So we can work more and harder.   I’m down to the last couple of ounces of my Iced Capp as I stroll through Lowes picking out fixtures and such when I feel something on my tongue.  I pull it off of my tongue and think is that a fingernail? I know it couldn’t be so I just flick it away.   Keep strolling and fixture looking.   Take a drink.

Something on my tongue.

Take it off.

I can not delude myself any longer.  It is a fingernail.  And the only thing going in my mouth is air and Iced Capp.   I toss the rest in the trash behind one of the counters.

Gross.  Okay, gross doesn’t even come close.  But we’ll use that.

I continue with my Lowes browsing until I come across the husband again, who is talking with an associate of Lowes.    I didn’t want to freak out both of them so I waited until we were alone and told him.    His response was appropriate.

The rest of the day is full of work.  When we head home we are both tired and hungry.   I suggest we go to Tim Horton’s.   I wasn’t mad.   I go there often enough I know the people’s faces, and I always get pretty good service and friendly atmosphere.   I had the husband order stuff to eat.   I ask to see a manager and stand off to the side.  I didn’t want anyone to think I was going to be nasty about this.   But I know when   a customer asks to see a manager they probably assume it will not be pleasant.

When she comes out I apologized to her for being so dirty.  I am coated in layers of brown paint, joint compound, black paint and dirt.    I told her this was going to be gross and I noticed a slight dilation of her eyes.  When I told her, as soon as I said ‘fingernails’ she was completely grossed out.   She told me she had just cleaned the machine out.  I told her I didn’t come to complain, but I came to let them know.   She kept offering me free drinks (Iced Capps).   I told her no thanks.  She promised me the machine was clean.  I told her I believed her. I knew there was no way to tell where they came from, they could have been in the prepackaged mix, the buckets they make it in, the cups they serve it in, any part of the process.   She told me if it was her she’d want forty free drinks.  I told her it was okay, I just didn’t want them to have any problems.  She said she was glad she cleaned the machine.  I asked if she found fingernails in there.  She laughed and said she hadn’t looked.

The nice part about all of this was while we were talking she said she was glad it was me who it had happened to.  She said anyone else would have come in and been angry and mean with them.   I know she didn’t mean she wanted it to happen to me.   But it made me feel good to let her know this without giving her grief.   She was going to notify all of the managers and see if there was anything they could or should do.

I felt good about being so nice about it.

But it was still very gross.