Color Me Biked!

One of the things that made me consider moving is the idea that I would have easier access to all kinds of things.  Mostly, biking.

Today that  consideration became a realization.

I went on a bike ride.  From my house.  And did not have to pack up, load up, drive, unload, ride, pack up and return drive to home.   Instead, I got a layer of paint on everything I needed to paint and put my brush down.  And out the door we went.  Got on our bikes and road our bikes.  It was a short ride.  Only 15 miles but it was wonderful.  Sun.  Blue sky.  Heat on my arms from the sweat and the sun.

We returned.   I went in to paint some more.  Husband went to get something for lunch.  On his bike.   We sat on the porch to eat.   And back in to paint I went.

While we ate bikers biked by.   Walkers walked by.   Runners ran by.

It seems like so long since I have been able to even go on a bike ride.  Today I not only rode, I rode from my house.

OH!    There went another biker.   As I write this.    They go past my house.   I love to see people biking.   It just makes me happy.   OH TWO MORE!

I’m glad I considered this.

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