Remember Flash Cubes?

Flash.   Walking up the steps of the new house yesterday I realized there will be thousands of times I walk up, dash up, run up, take two steps at a time up those stairs.   The house is still very new and in it’s very raw state.   To me.  It was a moment that struck me.   Will this place ever feel like it isn’t new?  I remember going to an interview and walking in and it seemed so foreign.  So bright.   Why do places I am not familiar with always seem so bright?  But now I’ve worked there for almost nine years and the building is very familiar.  Yet I vividly recall that first day, that first walk in, that first feeling.  I remember it was a rainy day.  I had on a too big black pea coat.  Most of my clothes were too big that day.

But yesterday when I walked up those stairs it was a little bit different.  I knew this was the beginning of a lot of stair climbing.  I’ll go up and down those stairs so often I won’t recall most of those travels (I was going to say trips but I didn’t like the sound of that).  But I remember that one.  When I had gone down stairs to get something and needed to get back upstairs to continue doing what I had been doing.  I realized I will be doing this so many many times.

I will always remember that walk up yesterday.  With the creamy yellowish walls and the rust colored carpet.  That part of the house won’t look like that much longer but that part of my memory will.  I had on my good bike shorts because I had returned from a bike ride and didn’t change out of my bike shorts.  I did change my jersey to a Tshirt.  The good bike shorts now have paint on them.   I’ll always remember this.

It was a snapshot of my life that I can’t take a picture of.  It was a moment of my life when I think change was making it’s mark.