It Ain’t Ketchup and I Ain’t Singin’


You know the song.  Either by Carly or in association with ketchup.

Right now it is in association with the ‘new’ house.   We’re on our way to work.   We left the house yesterday in the hands of the floor guy.   He was going to start putting down the new floor.  The plumber and electrician were  suppose to show up later to work on things they were suppose to have had done a week ago but haven’t even started.

Anticipation.   Did they show up?   Did they do anything?

What does the house look like?

Just in the time I wrote the above lines I took a drink of coffee.  Said something to husband as he drives us closer.  We’re about a mile closer.   I even stopped riding the bike this morning early so we could go over before work.

Still anticipating….

Okay it is now 12 hours later since I wrote the top part of this blog.

Here’s the bottom part.


We  walk in the house with the camera ready.  But for naught.  There was absolutely nothing to take a picture of.  Color me frustrated.  Color me angry.  Color me cussing.

Husband went over at lunch.   Nothing.

Here’s the thing.  I would rather be very disappointed that you tell me you can not do something for me for two weeks because you just can’t schedule it.  Than have you lie to me for two weeks telling me “tomorrow it will be done”.

And every day I am angry.  Angry that you are lying.  Angry that you are not doing it.  Angry that you are making me angry.   I’m not unreasonable. If you can’t do it, then SAY THAT.

So after work husband calls me and says “work is happening in our house”.   My response “I don’t believe it”.   His response “well, I thought I better let you know, it’s a mess.  The house is full of dust”.

I ask who is going to clean it up.  Husband doesn’t know.

I get there and the young man walks in to my vision as I walk into a dust cloud wrapped up in my house.  I don’t bother with pleasantries.  I ask “who is going to clean this mess up”.   He looks at me and says “I guess we will”.   Good answer young man.  Though I really don’t anticipate that happening.