Mission Accomplished

Some days a smack to the head is exactly what a person needs.

I freely admit I have been stressed beyond stressed for two weeks.  The worst stress in the world for me is having NO control.  And when it comes to waiting on other people, I have no control.

So today I took a bike ride.

It’s sunny.   A little cool, until you are pedaling and in the sun.  Then the sun bakes the skin a little.  The sweat starts to run down the back.  And happiness blows over with me every breeze.   I have nothing but happy thoughts and feelings.  Except for the postman parking his jeep on the bike path.   But he can ruin someone else’s day, I just rode around him noticing he refused to look at me as I pass him by.

As I head in to the last mile to home, home on the bike trail, I get a bit of a startle.   A hard smack, dead center, to my forehead.  From a bug out on a kamikaze mission.   His mission accomplished.

Getting smacked on the forehead feels just perfect on a sunny day that has me on a bike instead of stressing about plumbing, wiring, and unkept promises.