Morning Drive

The drive to work is a little bit different now.

It’s dark.

There isn’t a pink glow with white clouds tinted blue or orange or carrying the pinkness in to some puffy softness.

Along the edge of the world there is some lighter blue or bluish greyness hanging on past the darkness of the current sky.   But the colors have been relegated to a later time, when  I’m already at work.   But if I go in to my boss’ office after I get there I can stand at her desk and look out for a glimpse of the colors on the edge of the world.

Ah!  I just looked again and there along the very edge there is some orangey pink sneaking up!

J  That was pretty sweet.

And husband just repeated a phrase from the radio:   “peanut butter thunder cake”.   That sounds sweetly awesome.  I am so glad there are things like the sky and pb thunder cake to make a day so delicious.