Baby To Be Home To Be

The first time I knew my daughter was pregnant I was sitting in a car with a coworker getting ready to go in to somebody’s home.

We were sitting on a short little street.

A short little one way street.

Daughter calls me on my cell phone.  SHe told me she wanted to talk to me, but not until “tomorrow”.

When I hung up the phone I looked at my friend and said “she’s pregnant, I just know it”.

I vividly recall that moment.  I remember the little gold car of my coworker/friend.  I remember her face when I told her.  I remember the sunny day.  I remember where we had just parked the car to go in to this house.

Tonight it occurred to me that this moment I first learned of Grace O’Malley’s presence in my life started right in front of the house that we have just purchased and are preparing to move in to.

This is a wonderful coincidence.

Or blessing.

It is just a wonderful memory.