The List Goes On

Good things in life.

Party to celebrate the start of a marriage.

Party attendees driving for hours to be there to say “good luck” and share the love!

Little children who imagine big people are their kittens and will obey commands while on secret missions.

Friends who move large appliances for you.

Friends who surprise you with dinner!

Dairy Queen Blizzards (this is a repeat but well worth it).

A clean house.  Or a house made “dirty” by little children having fun.

Friends who reach out when things are not well to say ‘hey I’m thinking of you’.  And they are same people you want to call and shout out your joys to!

Sitting with someone in total comfort; whether it is laughing, talking, sharing or in silence.

Someone returning to school later in life to reach for dreams they never let go.

People who care what you think.

Having someone you enjoy listening to, talk with you.

Sunday evenings.

Or, any evening.