IT’s A Good Cause

Went to a community benefit last night.  It was a total love fest as far as I was concerned.  It was crowded when we arrived and crowded when we left two hours later.  It amazes me that there is so much negative in the world when I see so much positive.  How do people love one another so much yet hurt one another so bad?  In that little local business last night I know there were hundreds of people from a community to cheer on and support one person.  Those hundreds of people were as diverse as any community.   Blue collar, white collar, no collar, numerous faiths and those lacking faith, happy people and sad people, tall people and not so tall people, men, women, children, families, individuals, friends and not so friendlies.  It was heart warming and wonderful to be a part of.

If we can do this in small communities why can’t we do it on a larger scale?

Why do our differences get bigger as the group gets bigger?

Last night was a bunch of people coming together to support someone else.  Despite anyone or everyone’s differences they all showed up to show the love.  Show the love.  Share the joy of prayers answered if they prayed, wishes fulfilled if they wished for something good to happen.

It’s a good world with good people.   I’m glad to be part of it.

Maybe we (me) need to live every day like it is a community benefit.

Because it is, isn’t it?  The way I live?  The way I treat others?   Shouldn’t it be a community benefit?

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