Stupid Shower Door Instruction Writers

I am taking a ten or fifteen minute break from the work on the remodel.

I need to.

I am about as frustrated as can be.  In a contained sort of way.  The shoulders started to droop a little.  The heart sag a little.   The energy deplete a good bit.  I just want the shower doors to go together, get put on, and be done.  That’s all I want.  And seeing as how we paid the price of gold for the stupid things, the instructions should MATCH the product we bought and it should be EASY.  Personally, I think we paid enough for it to be easy.   In case I’m not being crystal clear here they do NOT go together.  They are NOT going together.   So husband calls the manufacturer.   Oh, well, the instructions are wrong, you don’t have to do it that way.   REALLY?????   Then why TELL us to do it that way????

So I go on Facebook to see if others are there and to just check in to the general status of my friends lives.   Mostly because I’m not connected to most of them right now.   That’s right, because of the house.

I post a pitiful hopeless plea and the first response I get….  is just what I need.  Push through it.  The result will be worth it.  And I’ve pushed through before.  I can do it again.

I can.

Can’t I?

Yes, yes I can.

Thanks friend.